Small World

I am the youngest of 4 children.  I have two older sisters and one brother.  My brother drives an enclosed transport truck.  When someone has a vehicle the needs moved from one place to another they call him, he loads it into his truck and deliveries it for you.  He goes all over the country, from coast to coast!

Since Monday my husband and I have been in Augusta, GA.  My husband is working locally this week.  This morning about 5 minutes after he left for work he called me.  He said I should call my brother.  For a brief moment I thought something was wrong.  He then went on to say his truck is parked in the hotel parking lot across the street!  Say what?!?

By complete accident my brother got a hotel across from ours not even knowing we were here!  He thought we were still visiting people in Florida.  As I had lunch with him today we talked about what all we did last night. There were several times we almost bumped into each other!  We missed each other at dinner by two restaurants!  We almost went to where he ate and he almost went to where we decided to have dinner!

Moments like this are for the memory books.


My brothers truck from the driveway of where my husband and I are staying this week.