How old is Santa?

Let me tell you a little story.  A true story.  Those are the only ones I know!

I am related to Santa.  Granted it is only by marriage but my sister is married to him! My sister is Mrs. Clause!  It has not really gone to her head.  She is still very down to earth.



See am I wrong?!  I think not!

A couple years back my friends daughter saw this picture of Santa.  She was right on that cusp of believe or not to believe that was her dilemma!  The picture started to restore her faith.  Then when Santa started emailing her about things going on in her life… the “I Believe” meter started climbing toward the top.  I then sent her a picture of Santa and I having a bite to eat…that was when all doubt was erased!

I became a bit of a rock star in her eyes.  Just for being the sister in law to Santa.  My sister, who this young girl has never met, became a Goddess because, after all, she had actually married Santa!  Much better on the rung of stardom to be married to Santa.  Not sure how my sister feels about that but that is another blog!

Last night while watching TV I receive a text.  Below is how the conversation went:

Young Girl: “How old is Santa Clause? Love, ‘Young Girl’ ”

My reaction….Holy Mother of God how do I answer that question!  I truly must have looked like a cartoon character with a shocked look and eyes bugging out of my head!  It took my 10 minutes to come up with something.

Me:  “You never ask Santa how old he is…he is a little sensitive about his age!!”

Me (again): “I asked once and got coal that year!”

Young Girl: “Okay then i don’t need to know I don’t want coal”

Me: “I don’t blame you!  I know I regretted asking!  We will keep this between us!”

Young Girl: “Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Her Mom and I both know there are only a couple more years that she will truly believe.  No matter how many emails, pictures or text messages she receives eventually she will know the truth.  Until then I love being the rock star sister in law to Santa Clause!


Thanksgiving Prep

Today I plan on doing some cooking.   There will just be the three of us tomorrow.  Just the way we like it.  Because at Christmas there will be an entire houseful with no room at the Inn and an overlap of families coming to visit!  So Thanksgiving gives us a holiday we can just be together.  Our son works retail so he needs the down time before his schedule explodes.  It explodes at 10:00 p.m. on Thanksgiving night which does not make this Mother happy.  It is bad enough for people to have to go in at 2 or 3 in the morning to open early on Black Friday.  The fact they are crowding in on Thanksgiving is wrong!

With it just being the three of us I am not going over board with the food.  We got a turkey breast from our local butcher.  It is right around 6 pounds.  Enough for dinner with left overs.  My son will do the turkey and I will do the sides.  I think today I will go ahead and make the dressing.  Get the pearl onions ready for the peas.  Maybe mix up some apple salad.

I will try and remember pictures as we cook.  I am curious as to how the raspberry sauce will turn out.  Since my son is doing the turkey it is his decision as to how it gets seasoned.  He is one of the pickiest eaters I know.  However as an adult he has started playing around with spices and loves them!


Thanksgiving Menu

Turkey breast with a chipolata seasoning and a raspberry sauce


Mashed Potatoes

Creamed Peas and Pearl Onions

Glazed Butternut Squash and/or Carrots

Apple Salad (not a holiday for me without Apple Salad)

Dinner Rolls


Happy Veterans Day

God Bless all the Men and Woman who of served our country.

I found this following article interesting.  While I knew I was thankful for our Veterans it is always good to refresh your memory as to the when, where and why of such a day.
Thank you to all who have served or are serving our country.  May God bless you and your family for the sacrifice you have given.