Cold Days (The Dresden Files) by Jim Butcher

Well last night, very early this morning if I am honest, I finished reading Cold Days. WOW!!  Now I can not go into to much detail because it is a difficult book to talk about without giving something important away.  Everything in this book seems to be important!

I love the Dresden Files series. I may not understand or be familiar with all of the lore they contain but I still find them enjoyable! This particular book really tested your memory of his other adventures! There are a lot of return characters in Cold Days. I found the book packed full of answers that were left lingering in his other books. Naturally this one also left more questions that need answered! While this book was just released in November of 2012 I am already biting at the bit to read the next one!

Well done Jim Butcher.  Well done!



Since I was a young child I loved to read.  I come from a family of readers.  I have memories of my Grandmother staying up into the wee hours of the morning in order to finish a book.  She seemed to read anything you put in her hands.  The genre did not matter as long as it was a book.  Some she like others just occupied her time.

My Mother was a bit different.  If a book did not hold her interest she would move along.  When she was younger she preferred a good scary mystery.  As she has gotten older the mystery part is still there but the scary, sometimes gory, books have gone by the wayside.  I think they refer to them as “cozy mystery’s” now.   One thing that remained the same regardless of her age…no romance novels!  If you even said the word “Harlequin” she would scoff at you.  I must say I agree with her!

I was taught to love and care for books.  One of the greatest smells, next to a freshly bathed baby, is a book.  When people look at me oddly when I say that I know they are not readers!  My father lived close to Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH.  I will never forget the first time he took me to the Dartmouth College Bookstore.  He told me of the history of the store.  How it had been a family owned store since it opened.  I remember when he opened the door and the history and smell of those books hit me!  I was in my glory!  When we visited my Grandparents it was a given that someone would drop me off at the bookstore.  Then come back several hours later.  You could truly get lost for hours and hours.  One of the best moments in my life was introducing my son to the bookstore.  He had much the same reaction I did the first time I walked in.

The store was sold in 2004 after having been continuously family owned for 132 years!  It was purchased by Barnes and Noble.  :::::sigh:::::  I have not been to Hanover in well over a decade.  I think I prefer to hang on to my memories.

I have a link to Goodreads page.  Take a moment and check out some of the books I have read and am currently reading.