In July I had to have surgery on my left arm.  The ulna bone was too long and banging into my wrist bone.  It was causing all kinds of issues.  Pain, no range of motion, numbness…did I mention pain?!  So the doctor chopped a little off the bone, repaired some cartilage issues in the wrist, be back to my normal in no time.  Not so much!

I knew going into this surgery it was a big one.  It was going to be more invasive then any other I had had in the past.  Since the brachial plexus nerve damage I have had, excluding this one, three other surgeries.  Three other surgeries just to give me more good days then bad.  So I am not a stranger to the operation, the issues that can result from said operation or the long grueling process of physical/occupational therapy.

I had an appointment a few days ago for therapy.  I am making progress… BUT….  Don’t you hate when there is a “BUT” thrown out there!  I am actually doing too much.  I am so use to just working through the pain or discomfort.  I got my hand slapped, gently, and was told to listen very carefully to the pain.  It was not the time to “work through it”.  She said, “I have clients that come in and whine and complain about how badly it hurts.  How they can’t do anything because of the pain.  Many, if not most of them, need to work through the pain.  Then you come in.  I ask how is the pain.  You say, ‘It’s okay, it’s there. I just deal with it.’ .  She continued with, “You are the one patient I have right now that must take it easy.”  I reminded her that I had spent 21 years pushing through the pain.  The concern is I will undo what has been done.  ::::dramatic sigh and a little eye rolling:::::  Not because I don’t believe what she is saying  is correct.  I do need to be careful! For some reason I just felt like a dramatic sigh and eye roll fit at that moment!

The recovery time with this surgery is one year.  Yeah you heard me ONE YEAR!  The therapist also added this little tidbit, “Joy, you need to mentally prepare yourself to have to wear your brace for the next 8 months.”  Insert dramatic sigh and eye rolling.  I think I am doing the eye rolling as an adult because if I had done it as a kid you all would not be reading this blog!  My Mother was/is a no nonsense kind of woman.  Eye rolling was not, is not, worth the punishment!  But she is not here right now so eye rolling for all!

I should add she, the therapist not my mother, was not very sympathetic when I told her that was all well and good BUT I had Christmas presents to make! She then did some head shaking and eye rolling.  That must have made her dizzy!


Life Changing

On October 31, 1991 my life changed forever.  My then 7 year old son and I were in a one car accident.  We were rushing home to get him ready to go trick or treating.  A deer jumped out of the woods.  I did exactly what you are not supposed to do and jerked the wheel to avoid him.  I will never forget what an extremely odd view and feeling it was as the horizon changed as my car started to flip over.  We slid on the drivers side door for what seemed miles, probably only 125 yards, before the front of my car came to an abrupt stop between two very large trees.

We thankfully walked away from the accident.  Our car did not!  As they were hooking my car up to a tow truck my son was changing into his Halloween costume in the back seat of my Mother’s car.  Halloween is an important night for a 7 year old!  A neighbor offered to take him around with his kids while I stayed home.  As the evening progressed I realized I was not feeling as well as I thought.  We did eventually go to the ER.  My son had a seat belt burn.  As it turned out my injuries were a bit more serious.

Of course we did not find out just how serious for another two years!  I will spare you the two years of test after test, physical therapy several times a week and the unbelievable pain!  All the while losing more function each day.  By the time I found a doctor that had a clue I had lost 80 to 85% use of my left arm, hand and shoulder.  I was diagnosed with a traumatic brachial plexus injury.  At this point the damage was permanent.  I have had several surgeries, the most recent was July 2012, to make things a little more tolerable but for the most part what is done is done.  The doctors were very honest when they told me that their goal was to give me more good days then bad.  They stressed that there would always be bad ones.  They were correct! 🙂

The seat belt caused my injury BUT it saved my life.  I am fine with that trade off!  Today I celebrate the 21st Anniversary of my car accident/injury.  Yes, celebrate because I am thankful to be here to celebrate such a life changing event!

Hello world!

I started this blog for several reasons.  I need something to challenge my brain.  I know, one would think being a housewife that never gets anything done I would not need to challenge my brain!  However, I think everyone needs to challenge their brain.  This is also a step out of my comfort zone.  Also something I desperately need to do.  I am hoping to be able to share bits of my life with people.  Perhaps some of those bits will inspire or help or just make you laugh.  I am okay with just making you laugh.  It helps if you know me in person but even then I can be pretty darn funny! 😉  Oh Lord I used an emoticon in my first post.  The blog could be doomed from the start!