One year


One year ago today we brought home our first rescue dog, Casey.  She had a rough start in her young life.  She was fortunate to have a mother that managed to find the right people to save them all.  Casey came from a litter of two sisters (Ella and Dallas) and one brother (Finn).  Their mother was Bree.

Shortly after being rescued Casey and Dallas became very ill.  From what I was told it was touch and go for both of them.  I am thankful there were professionals out there willing to do what it takes to save two stray pups!

Casey was considered a shy/timid dog.  Take note I used the word “was”!  I swear when she came home we spent at least the first two months on the floor.  She needed you down low.  She did not like to have her head touched.  Still not crazy about it from someone she does not know.  Noises, people, cars etc. would cause her to become scared.  To the point of shaking, with her tail tucked and sometimes she even whimpered.  Her crate became her safe place.  You could see her whole body relax every time she walked in her crate.  We left the door open for her so she had access anytime she felt anxious.  We would stay sitting on the floor in the living room but often she would go to her crate.  She would come and look at us to make sure we were still there before retreating to her safe place.  The only time she uses her crate now is when we are not home!

Waiting for a treat

Waiting for a treat

Casey had a hard time bonding with my husband because of his travel schedule.  Typically he is gone Monday thru Friday.  He had only a few days a week to attempt to win her over.  I thought he was going to cry, after about 6 to 8 weeks, she actually laid in the living room floor with him and watched TV for the night.  It was a beautiful thing.

Playing with a toy

Playing with a toy

The key to bringing Casey out of her shell was truly nothing more than patience.  There were days it felt like we had digressed.  We were like new parents with each new milestone!  She did not run to her crate when Brian came home…CELEBRATE.  She let us touch and actually pet her head…WAHOO.  Her tail has not been tucked for several weeks…PARTAY!    Eventually she joined a party of about 25 people and did not run when they acknowledged her…okay already having a party so…YAH!  She stands at the top of the stairs and stares down delivery people instead of hiding in the dining room…YES!  We are still celebrating milestones a year later!  She went out in the front yard without a leash and came to us when we called!  That was an OMG moment! LOL

I can not begin to thank the foster family and organization that saved our Casey and our Dallas!  Crystal, Chris and Alex went above and beyond to care for the litter and their mother.  First by Chris and Crystal knowing that they had to bring them home instead of taking them to a shelter!  Then by caring for them when they were so sick.  The time it took to teach them their manners, basic commands, crate training and house training.  My family and I will always be grateful for Crystal, Chris and Alex.  After all they saved two of our family members!

Taken last week. Using her sister Dallas as a pillow.

Taken last week. Using her sister Dallas as a pillow.



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