Then there were two

I have been MIA from my blog in part because of Casey.  If you remember we adopted Casey in April of 2013.  She had a bad knee and required surgery.  She was down from July until September.  If you think it is difficult keeping a sick toddler calm try doing it with a dog!  Poor girl had a rough summer!  No walking, running or climbing stairs for 2 months!  Crate or confined to a very small area in the house.  She was allowed to go outside on a leash to go to the bathroom and that was it.

She was a champ and did well.  For the most part!  Naturally she was antsy and a bit confused as to why she suddenly had so many restrictions.  But, we got through.  Then she started having a bit of a problem with the pin that had been put in her knee.  That required a second surgery to remove the pin!  She could not catch a break.

The other reason I have been  MIA is because once Casey was healed we brought home her sister (same litter), Dallas!  We had talked about a second dog but were not sure we could handle a second one.  I called to see if Dallas was still available.  She was.  Their foster Mom was thrilled that we were considering bringing Dallas home.  I went and saw Dallas alone just to make sure she was still the sweet girl we remembered.  The second time I brought Casey.  Just to make sure they still remembered each other.  They did!!  Both were very happy to see the other.  It was so cute!


Dallas is home!

Stretching those long legs

Stretching those long legs

Dallas came home five months and one day after Casey!  They behave like typical sisters.  They fight, play, explore, jockey for attention and love! One minute they will be wrestling for a ball and the next they will be all curled up together taking a nap.

Nap time!

Nap time!

The dynamic of our home has changed so much over the last 10 months.  We always laughed but we laugh so much more.  All three of us humans are calmer and more relaxed.  My husband says no matter how bad a day he has had when he walks in the house and these two come running…nothing else matters!

Dallas and Casey...look at those faces!

Dallas and Casey…look at those faces!


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