Mosquito Traps

Since we got Casey many things have changed for us. I have met more of our neighbors as we take walks. I have always thought our neighborhood would make a good walking place. I was correct. The big thing that has come to our attention is how we have neglected our backyard. It was always mowed on a regular basis. However, since we spend more time out there we notice that we should have done more. Much more!

One thing that is a big, biting, itchy problem are the mosquito’s! I can not really say that they are a bigger problem this year than in the past. But, it sure seems like the are rabid this year! We can go out during the day and they will be there waiting to bite us. I have read where you should not go out when they are most active…early morning and dusk. Well here in Georgia they seem to be active ALL day!

With the problem I have been searching for ways to control the mosquito population. With a dog I hesitate to use chemicals. I would prefer a more natural way. So this started me searching. I am curious if anyone has used one of these listed below and had any success.

I found this one at Mother Earth News.  I must admit I was looking for something a bit more easy.  Another one I found was at Thrifty Fun.  This one is more my speed!  I do wonder how many of these would I need to control the mosquito’s.  I liked the feedback left on the article as well.  People mentioned some alternatives.

Any help that you can offer would be fantastic.  If you have a better way or a better website for me to explore please post it for me.  My family and I, plus the dog, would be grateful!


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