New Addition

Back in January I did a post about having “doggy blues”.  Since then I have been checking the shelter site almost daily looking at the dogs.  I also started looking at dog rescues.  I found one that I kept going back to…on a daily basis.  It just seemed different from the others I had briefly looked at.  The name of the rescue is, Lake Lanier Humane League.  They had great descriptions of the animals available.  It really gave you and idea of the dogs personalities.  There were three dogs that caught my attention.  I decided to fill out an application.  What could it hurt.  Not like I had to actually adopt a dog.  However, it is always nice to be prepared.  At least this is what I told my husband as I sat filling out the paperwork! 😉

I received a phone call from the foster mom of two of the dogs I was interested in.  The third dog had been adopted.  I spoke with Crystal, the foster mom, for almost an hour.  I decided on one dog I really felt I needed to meet.  On Friday, April 5th my son and I headed to a local Pet Smart.  There we met with the  foster family and the dog.  The dogs name is Casey.  She is just under a year old.  She is a boxer mix, a good ole Heinz 57 dog.  Casey is a timid dog.  We were warned about this while talking to Crystal.  Casey did not jump up on us wagging her tail in greeting.  She did however sniff our legs and did not act like we were a threat.  For a timid dog these are all good signs.

On Saturday, April 6th my husband and I went to the adoption the Lake Lanier Humane League was having at the Pet Smart.  We spent time with Casey in the adoption room.  Once again there was no jumping all over us licking our face in glee.  But, she took treats from my husband, did not get upset when he held on to her leash and eventually laid down next to him and slept.  All good signs.  My slightly reluctant husband was no longer slightly reluctant!  He walked away from the adoption wanting to bring home a total of 4 dogs!

Tuesday, April 9th we had the home visit.  With Casey being a timid dog we were told there would be two home visits.  We were okay with that.  If she was going to become part of our family we wanted her to be comfortable and happy with us.  We got a wonderful surprise and were told that if she reacted the same way she had during the other times we had met her we would be allowed to go ahead with the adoption!

Let me introduce Ms. Casey!