Doggy Blues`

You know how some women have the baby blues? Where all they can think of is having a baby.  How cute they are and how wonderful their lives would be if they could just have one more baby!  Everywhere they look the see the little bundle of joys cooing and looking all cute.  Well folks I am deep, and I mean D-E-E-P, in the doggy blues!  I want a dog!

When my husband and I got married I had an adult cat.  My husband does not like cats, has never liked cats and will never like cats.  He equates them to snakes!  Something that completely baffles me but that’s the way it is.  When we lived in our apartment Abby, the cat, lived with my parents.  When we bought our first home it was time for Abby to come home.  Much to the dismay (dislike) of my husband.  Our agreement was when Abby passed away there would be no more cats!  Ever!  ::::sigh::::

My husband is a dog person.  So one would think my wanting a dog would not be an issue.  Surprise!  It is an issue!  He does not and while the words have not come out of his mouth (yet) will not allow me to get a dog.  Now I am a grown woman.  Some of you might have balked at the word “allow”.  My husband and I have a lot of respect for each other.  He has never really told me no with the exception of a cat.  He has been my voice of reason on many occasions.  I have been his voice of reason on many occasions.  It is always done with respect, love and consideration for the others feelings.  Right now he is being the logical, reasonable one.  I am being the two year old, stomping her feet, pouting and grumbling around the house!  Maybe not that bad…on the outside.  But let me assure you, on the inside I am a toddler having a melt down! ::::giggle:::::

Especially after going to the Animal Shelter today to look at a dog for a friend.  Probably not the right place to go when in the throes of the doggy blues!  I meet this girl at the shelter.Shepherd Shelter

They think she is about a year and a half.  She was found stray.  Is very friendly.  My son and I actually spent some time in the bonding area with her.  She was very well mannered.  Seemed to have a lot of energy but not so much we could not keep up with her.  I honestly think she would be a good fit for our home.  Mr. Reason-Logic did not agree.  My 2 year old inner voice called him Mr. Poopy-Head. 😉

I know my husband is right.  I know eventually I will get past the doggy blues.  Perhaps what I need to do is just volunteer at the shelter.  That way I could have the fun of playing with the dogs and cats but still be able to go away for a week end without getting a babysitter!




4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. thesalemgarden
    Jan 18, 2013 @ 22:10:00

    She is really beautiful and you have had the doggy blues for a very long time, however, it’s good to make sure that your both on the same page about the commitment. We put more thought into getting a dog than we did to having most of our children, lol. It’s a big deal!


    • diaryofacrazedhousewife
      Jan 18, 2013 @ 22:35:47

      I have had the doggy blues for awhile. I seem to go in and out of the “blues”. This one has grabbed hold and won’t let go! You are so correct, it is a big deal! I find it a bit funny that the dog person won’t let the cat person get a dog! LOL


  2. thesalemgarden
    Jan 18, 2013 @ 22:11:42

    and I love your new theme! It looks great!


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