Digging Out

It is stormy here in the state of Georgia.  To the West of where I live a tornado touched down.  There are tornado watches and warnings.  We have had a several weather watch, a wind advisory and flood watch since yesterday for our area.  Watch is what we have done.

I cancelled lunch plans for today.  Instead it is time to dig out my computer, craft, sewing room.  I have been putting things in here since my surgery in July without any rhyme or reason.  My piles of paperwork are getting deep enough I am not sure where anything is located anymore.  I have fabric stacked on my work table.  Several different projects in varying degrees of completion. New projects waiting to be removed from the shopping bag.  It is just a mess.

So while the storm does it’s thing, I will be doing mine!   Then maybe by the week end I can post some completed projects!


Mother/Son Relationship

I have been blessed!  I can not say this enough.  Tonight was one of those moments that I am reminded of how fortunate I am.

I go through bouts of insomnia.  Last night (Sunday into Monday) I went to bed at 8:30 Monday morning.  Two hours after my husband left for the airport.  I tried to sleep Sunday night but sleep was an elusive beast!  Today, Monday, was spent trying to get some sleep.  Phones were turned off.  Blinds were shut.  Eye mask was in place.  Shut brain off long enough to get some sleep.  Of course when I did wake I was still tired because now my routine was off.  I spent the day lounging.

My son got out of work around 6.  Instead of cooking I suggested we go out for dinner.  We decided to go to P.F. Changs.  This seems to be turning into “our place”.   It provides a nice place for us to catch up.  We each ordered a meal and then shared.  I heard about his day.  About the difficult customer that could not understand unless he wanted to attach a very long extension cord to his phone and/or his lap top he was not going to get service when he took his boat out.  We laughed about some of the funny comments an elderly woman made while my son worked on her cell phone.  Our topics went from our day to day operations to “What would you do if you won the lottery?” and everything in between.

Maybe because I am tired but I feel reflective…blessed…that I have the relationship I do with my son.  We spent almost 3 hours eating, laughing and talking.  I wish everyone had this kind of connection with their child.  I was lucky, am lucky, to have it with my parents.  I like my parents.  I liked my parents when I was a teenager and was not supposed to like them!  LOL

I am grateful that it carried on to the next generation.  I enjoy knowing the man my son has become.  He is well versed, intelligent, funny and thoughtful.  When I had surgery in July my husband was only able to take a week off from work.  Our son has had to pick up the slack from my being down.  He has had to take me to my therapy and doctors appointments.  He truly turned into my left hand!

I will finish with what I started with “I have been blessed”.

Good night (Lord willing) LOL

Asparagus, Brussels Sprouts & Red Onion

I can not take credit for this recipe.   I found it in the Sam’s Club Magazine that was sent to me as the holidays were starting.  I will place a link for the recipe at the bottom of the page.

I made this at Christmas when my in laws were visiting.  My husband and son do not like Brussels Sprouts.  So I needed a different audience in order to make this dish.  It was a hit!

2 Tbsp. butter

1/2 cup diced onions

1/2 cup chopped asparagus (about one inch each)

2 cups brussels sprouts (halved)

6-8 strips of pre-cooked bacon, chopped into pieces


On medium heat, melt butter. Add diced onions and saute until translucent.  Add remaining ingredients and cook on medium heat, stirring often,  until onions, asparagus and sprouts are slightly browned.  You will need to turn the sprouts to ensure they do not overcook on one side.

Yields approximately 2-3 servings

My Notes:

  • I do not cut or chop my asparagus.  I snap my asparagus.  Here is a link on how to trim your asparagus.
  • I did not follow the recipe to the letter regarding amounts of food.  I bought fresh brussels sprouts and asparagus and just eyed how much was enough.  It is an easy enough recipe you can do this if you are experienced.

Here is the link to Sam’s Club Meals.

Brussels Sprouts

Doggy Blues`

You know how some women have the baby blues? Where all they can think of is having a baby.  How cute they are and how wonderful their lives would be if they could just have one more baby!  Everywhere they look the see the little bundle of joys cooing and looking all cute.  Well folks I am deep, and I mean D-E-E-P, in the doggy blues!  I want a dog!

When my husband and I got married I had an adult cat.  My husband does not like cats, has never liked cats and will never like cats.  He equates them to snakes!  Something that completely baffles me but that’s the way it is.  When we lived in our apartment Abby, the cat, lived with my parents.  When we bought our first home it was time for Abby to come home.  Much to the dismay (dislike) of my husband.  Our agreement was when Abby passed away there would be no more cats!  Ever!  ::::sigh::::

My husband is a dog person.  So one would think my wanting a dog would not be an issue.  Surprise!  It is an issue!  He does not and while the words have not come out of his mouth (yet) will not allow me to get a dog.  Now I am a grown woman.  Some of you might have balked at the word “allow”.  My husband and I have a lot of respect for each other.  He has never really told me no with the exception of a cat.  He has been my voice of reason on many occasions.  I have been his voice of reason on many occasions.  It is always done with respect, love and consideration for the others feelings.  Right now he is being the logical, reasonable one.  I am being the two year old, stomping her feet, pouting and grumbling around the house!  Maybe not that bad…on the outside.  But let me assure you, on the inside I am a toddler having a melt down! ::::giggle:::::

Especially after going to the Animal Shelter today to look at a dog for a friend.  Probably not the right place to go when in the throes of the doggy blues!  I meet this girl at the shelter.Shepherd Shelter

They think she is about a year and a half.  She was found stray.  Is very friendly.  My son and I actually spent some time in the bonding area with her.  She was very well mannered.  Seemed to have a lot of energy but not so much we could not keep up with her.  I honestly think she would be a good fit for our home.  Mr. Reason-Logic did not agree.  My 2 year old inner voice called him Mr. Poopy-Head. 😉

I know my husband is right.  I know eventually I will get past the doggy blues.  Perhaps what I need to do is just volunteer at the shelter.  That way I could have the fun of playing with the dogs and cats but still be able to go away for a week end without getting a babysitter!



Cold Days (The Dresden Files) by Jim Butcher

Well last night, very early this morning if I am honest, I finished reading Cold Days. WOW!!  Now I can not go into to much detail because it is a difficult book to talk about without giving something important away.  Everything in this book seems to be important!

I love the Dresden Files series. I may not understand or be familiar with all of the lore they contain but I still find them enjoyable! This particular book really tested your memory of his other adventures! There are a lot of return characters in Cold Days. I found the book packed full of answers that were left lingering in his other books. Naturally this one also left more questions that need answered! While this book was just released in November of 2012 I am already biting at the bit to read the next one!

Well done Jim Butcher.  Well done!


Since I was a young child I loved to read.  I come from a family of readers.  I have memories of my Grandmother staying up into the wee hours of the morning in order to finish a book.  She seemed to read anything you put in her hands.  The genre did not matter as long as it was a book.  Some she like others just occupied her time.

My Mother was a bit different.  If a book did not hold her interest she would move along.  When she was younger she preferred a good scary mystery.  As she has gotten older the mystery part is still there but the scary, sometimes gory, books have gone by the wayside.  I think they refer to them as “cozy mystery’s” now.   One thing that remained the same regardless of her age…no romance novels!  If you even said the word “Harlequin” she would scoff at you.  I must say I agree with her!

I was taught to love and care for books.  One of the greatest smells, next to a freshly bathed baby, is a book.  When people look at me oddly when I say that I know they are not readers!  My father lived close to Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH.  I will never forget the first time he took me to the Dartmouth College Bookstore.  He told me of the history of the store.  How it had been a family owned store since it opened.  I remember when he opened the door and the history and smell of those books hit me!  I was in my glory!  When we visited my Grandparents it was a given that someone would drop me off at the bookstore.  Then come back several hours later.  You could truly get lost for hours and hours.  One of the best moments in my life was introducing my son to the bookstore.  He had much the same reaction I did the first time I walked in.

The store was sold in 2004 after having been continuously family owned for 132 years!  It was purchased by Barnes and Noble.  :::::sigh:::::  I have not been to Hanover in well over a decade.  I think I prefer to hang on to my memories.

I have a link to Goodreads page.  Take a moment and check out some of the books I have read and am currently reading.


I am afraid I have been MIA from my blog.  It seems since the holidays it has been one thing after another.  Mostly just being  ill.  My entire household is having issues getting back in the swing of things.  Granted we have all had one form of illness or another.  Today I woke up feeling nausea’s and the headache that has been lingering for days is making itself known!  I thought I was doing better but apparently my body feels differently.  I think today may be a dry toast and ginger ale day.

Maybe a day with my feet propped up reading my book will help.



Well it appears to be that time of year for me again. The hustle and bustle of the holidays are over. I let my guard down and BOOM! Maybe COUGH …SNIFFLE …ACHOO are better words to describe the sounds of my home!  I did the same thing last January. Unfortunately it lasted until February!

My husband had been sick before the holidays. He started his vacation with a pretty bad cold. This from the man who never gets sick. I continued to take my vitamins, drink my water and avoid the germs. He was doing better by the time our company arrived.

Our company included my mother in law, sister in law, her husband and 6 month old baby girl. I could not wait to get my hands on the baby. Who smiled and cooed from her car seat. I let everyone else unload the car while I helped her escape from her car seat. What do I get for my good deed of offering her freedom from the seat she had been in for the last 8 hours? She promptly coughed…then sneezed all over me! :::sigh::: Still I did not get sick.

Then everyone leaves. We get in our truck to drive 6 hours to our friends. They live on 400 acres in the Panhandle of Florida. We get there in time for a wonderful dinner, a couple drinks before we head to the hotel for some rest. I wake up the next morning feeling like someone had run over me while I slept! My voice was raspy, my throat felt like I had swallowed a cactus (at least what I think it would feel like if one swallowed a cactus!), I could not breath and I had a cough.

I am still pretty miserable. The whole not being able to breathe through my nose is becoming an issue. I am hoping another day of medicine and rest will get be back to some kind of normal. Whatever that might be!