Fantasy Football

Several years back, 2005 to be exact, my son needed a fill in for his Fantasy Football League. I volunteered. Not really thinking much about it. I did not really grasp the concept completely. But, I figured why not.  Good bonding experience with my son and his friends.   I ended my season 4-9-1.  My only salvation was I was not in last place!  Granted I was 9 out of 10 but not last place!

I loved the smack talk back and forth between my sons friends…aka “The Boys”. They were like brothers the way the bickered. Some of the comments back and forth made me laugh loudly and often. Now I can talk shit with the best of them. However, I have found, especially with football, talking smack can turn around and bite you in the butt! You can never truly appreciate the quote of “Any Given Sunday” until you play fantasy football. Your winning streak can come to an end with your Quarterback hurting his pinky finger and going out in the first quarter. Wimp! You can be riding the high of beating your opponent only to have your defense forget what team they are playing for!

I have found that yelling at the TV does not help them remember. One would think as loud as I am it would come through loud and clear on the field. Unfortunately, or fortunately for the players, no such device has been invented that will allow them to hear me through the TV telling them what a bunch of overpaid babies that would not know a football if it bounced off their heads. A girl can always hope that one day…one day…it will be available!

Looking back over my record I improved each year.  I have had two season that I was middle of the pack.  Other then those seasons I have made the play offs each year!  As of right now I am in first place in our current league.  My record is 7-4.  But, I am watching Matt Ryan, my starting quarterback, struggle and struggle badly! He had 3 interceptions in the 1 st quarter!  He has never had that many in a game much less a quarter!  Ryan has given me 3 whole fantasy points in the first half.  Matt Schaub is my back up quarterback.  Sitting on my bench he has scored 23 fantasy points.  ::::sigh::::  Perfect example of Any Given Sunday!


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