In July I had to have surgery on my left arm.  The ulna bone was too long and banging into my wrist bone.  It was causing all kinds of issues.  Pain, no range of motion, numbness…did I mention pain?!  So the doctor chopped a little off the bone, repaired some cartilage issues in the wrist, be back to my normal in no time.  Not so much!

I knew going into this surgery it was a big one.  It was going to be more invasive then any other I had had in the past.  Since the brachial plexus nerve damage I have had, excluding this one, three other surgeries.  Three other surgeries just to give me more good days then bad.  So I am not a stranger to the operation, the issues that can result from said operation or the long grueling process of physical/occupational therapy.

I had an appointment a few days ago for therapy.  I am making progress… BUT….  Don’t you hate when there is a “BUT” thrown out there!  I am actually doing too much.  I am so use to just working through the pain or discomfort.  I got my hand slapped, gently, and was told to listen very carefully to the pain.  It was not the time to “work through it”.  She said, “I have clients that come in and whine and complain about how badly it hurts.  How they can’t do anything because of the pain.  Many, if not most of them, need to work through the pain.  Then you come in.  I ask how is the pain.  You say, ‘It’s okay, it’s there. I just deal with it.’ .  She continued with, “You are the one patient I have right now that must take it easy.”  I reminded her that I had spent 21 years pushing through the pain.  The concern is I will undo what has been done.  ::::dramatic sigh and a little eye rolling:::::  Not because I don’t believe what she is saying  is correct.  I do need to be careful! For some reason I just felt like a dramatic sigh and eye roll fit at that moment!

The recovery time with this surgery is one year.  Yeah you heard me ONE YEAR!  The therapist also added this little tidbit, “Joy, you need to mentally prepare yourself to have to wear your brace for the next 8 months.”  Insert dramatic sigh and eye rolling.  I think I am doing the eye rolling as an adult because if I had done it as a kid you all would not be reading this blog!  My Mother was/is a no nonsense kind of woman.  Eye rolling was not, is not, worth the punishment!  But she is not here right now so eye rolling for all!

I should add she, the therapist not my mother, was not very sympathetic when I told her that was all well and good BUT I had Christmas presents to make! She then did some head shaking and eye rolling.  That must have made her dizzy!


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