Adoption Anniversary

November 1 is a special day for me.  It was the day that the man I call Dad legally became my Dad!  At the time he had been married to my mother for about 4 years.  I vaguely remember the conversation of adoption as it took place around me.  I am not sure I completely understood what it all meant.

My two older sisters were already out of the house so they were not interested in being adopted.  My brother wanted to have Dad adopt him but he had signed all the paperwork to join the Navy.  His recruiter said it would be a nightmare to change everything.  However, all of my siblings felt it was a great idea for me to be adopted.

As I write this something stands out.  All four of us kids were asked if we wanted to be adopted.  The older kids were asked how they felt about me being adopted.  We were raised to have opinions on our lives.  We were raised discussing things that affected us as a family.  Now it was always very clear my parents, mostly my mother, were in charge.  But, we did have the chance to voice our thoughts.

All of us kids still saw our biological father.  When he had time for us. At one point my mother, Dad, my biological father and I all got together to talk.  I mention this because I believe it was at this point I understood how serious this was.  It was made clear that I could still see my biological father whenever I wanted.  I remember thinking how cool it was going to be to have two Dad’s!  Did not work out that way but let me assure you I came out of the deal on the right side!

Finally the day came where we had to go to before the judge.  We got dressed in our Sunday best.  I was warned to be on my best behavior!  Be polite, answer all questions honestly and afterwards we would go out for dinner.  Back then going out for dinner was a big deal and reserved for only the most special of occasions!  The judge asked me one question, that I remember.  I think I remember it because it just seemed so stupid.  “Do you want to be adopted?”  No dude I have just been stringing my parents along all this time.  I was bored with nothing to do so I thought hey self  let’s do something that will cost my family a lot of money, play with their emotions and then just before it is over say PSYCH!  I do remember thinking “Well DUH!”  But, I also had the vision of dinner out being yanked out from underneath me!  I answered politely and the rest is history!

One of the first photo’s that I remember.

This was taken several years later on a vacation to Mt. Rushmore.

My Parents


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